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Rigging and Lifting Safety Course by The Crosby Group

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As always in Anselmi & DeCicco – SAFETY FIRST!

Nothing is more important than all of our employees going home to their families safely every day and night after work. That is why we always put safety first. This is not just a motto, this proven in our actions and the way we conduct our business. Every work day on each job, the day starts with a daily toolbox talk addressing any potential dangers for the day ahead. Once a week, each job has a weekly safety meeting focusing on something specific to that job or the week ahead. These daily and weekly meetings are supplemented with periodic larger seminars and yearly retraining in multiple areas. We have a full time safety director and work with many different agencies & companies to keep us safe and up to the latest safety standards.

Recently, we held a rigging and lifting safety course at our shop run by The Crosby Group. The Crosby Group is the largest domestic manufacturer or rigging and lifting equipment in the industry. Their products include hooks, shackles, cables, slings and all types of misc. hardware. They also provide certified training at all levels for rigging and Lifting. All of our field employees were required to attend and we had a great afternoon reviewing all of the essential material.

The day was a huge success and we like to thank The Crosby Group for coming out and providing us with a great presentation. I would also like to thank our president Henry and our safety director Walter for putting this all together as well as our equipment manager E.J. Anselmi for creating a great training space in our shop.