Anselmi & DeCicco is the leader for installing and relocating utilities in the tri-state area.  We have addressed some of the most complex challenges in the industry with our unique solutions.  Utility construction was the basis for our company’s foundation, and has remained a mainstay for over 60 years.

Anselmi & DeCicco’s capabilities include construction and renovation of:  treatment plants, pump stations, sanitary sewers, water mains, box culverts, drainage, fuel lines, and conduits – and the list continues to grow.  Our projects have included pump stations at Newark airport and Hoboken to curtail flooding, and expansion the waste treatment facilities in Jersey City and Newark.  Other notable utility work has included:  relocating 100 year old high pressure 48 and 51 inch water feeds for the Cities of Newark and Little Falls, NJ and the installation of 11 foot diameter pipe for flood control in Lodi, NJ.