Project Description:

  • Wesmont Station – Wood-Ridge, NJ
  • Plauderville Station – Garfield, NJ
  • Metropark Station – Woodbridge, NJ








Scope of Projects:

These projects include both new construction and the repair, replacement and upgrade of an existing station. Anselmi & DeCicco employs many of our capabilities on projects such as these.


  • Demolition and remediation of existing sites.
  • Relocation of existing utilities and installation of new utilities.
  • Installation of footings, structures and platforms.
  • Engineering better and safer means of construction and safety.
  • Excavation and site work for access, tracks and parking areas. 

Unusual Challenges:

Plauderville & Wesmont Stations – Construct new train station alongside and in between two active train lines without disrupting train traffic.

Metropark Station – Demolish the existing station and construct a new train station alongside active train lines without disrupting train traffic while maintaining full operation of the existing station.

Unique Solutions:

Plauderville & Wesmont Stations – Anselmi & DeCicco used value engineering to change the construction methods and sequence of the jobs. This shortens the overall length of the jobs, reduces employee exposure to live tracks, and minimizes disturbance to the existing railroad lines.

Metropark Station – Anselmi & DeCicco utilized engineering and experience to stage the job in such a way as to isolate the construction stages, and not impact commuter travel. We employed temporary platforms and worked in off-peak hours to maintain commuter access and a safe work environment.