Project Description:

  • Interchange of Rte. 22 & Rte. 287 – Bridgewater, NJ
  • Interchange of Rte. 18 & Rte. 1 – New Brunswick, NJ








Scope of Projects:

These projects include new construction and the repair, replacement and upgrade of the existing infrastructure. Anselmi & DeCicco employs its full range of capabilities on projects such as these.


  • Demolition and replacement of multiple bridges and structures.
  • Restoration of existing utilities and installation of new utilities.
  • Reconfiguring the interchanges to achieve better traffic flow.
  • Engineering better and safer means of construction and traffic control.
  • Excavation, remediation and completion of non-roadway areas.

Unusual Challenges:

Rte 22 & Rte 287 – Construct a new interchange with Rte. 22 and Chimney Rock Road and Rte. 287 while maintaining unibstructed traffic flow and rail access to the adjacent facility.
Rte 18 & Rte 1 – NJDOT specified a first of its kind design in NJ which involved building and completing the new Rte. 18 bridge next to the existing bridge and then sliding it into place as one piece.
Unique Solutions:
Rte 22 & Rte 287 – Anselmi & DeCicco value engineered the job and modified the stages to complete the project in an efficient environment, which maximized the safety of both workers and the motoring public.
Rte 18 & Rte 1 – Anselmi & DeCicco’s engineering and experience were used in the successful bid and preliminary design layout of this project. Off-peak hours, nights and weekends have been employed to reduce the traffic impact and increase safety of both the motoring public and our employees.