Anselmi & DeCicco has multiple ongoing refinery projects in many different locations.  Anselmi & DeCicco employs our extensive range of capabilities to complete these jobs including:

  • Demolition, excavation, and clearing of the existing sites.
  • Relocation of existing utilities and installation of new utilities.
  • Construction of footings, structures, equipment and platforms.
  • Engineering better and safer means of construction.
  • Working alongside active roadways, railways and industrial facilities. 

Unusual Challenges:

  • Safely working in and around operational oil refineries including all the equipment, machinery and all the personnel working at the site.
  • Carefully following very detailed, site specific operating procedures mandated by the refineries for security and safety.
  • Limited access to and from areas of work, as well as in some areas of construction.

Unique Solutions:

Anselmi & DeCicco has hand selected a specific group of employees in management, engineering and labor to partner with the refinery employees to efficiently and safely complete these difficult projects. We have created new and innovative ways to address the limited access and sensitive nature of this work, while increasing our level of safety far beyond basic construction standards.