No job is so important, no task is so great, that you cannot afford to take the time to do it safely!
Since its inception, Anselmi & DeCicco has always made safety its priority. It is our belief that safety is not an expense, but an invaluable component of each project.
Anselmi & DeCicco insists that safety is everyone’s responsibility. From the president to each individual on the job site, every employee is responsible for contributing to a thoroughly safe work environment. All employees are trained and certified in line with OSHA standards. In addition to Anselmi & DeCicco’s assertive and proactive internal policies and safety trained employees, the company hires independent inspectors to audit the company’s safety measures and practices. Anselmi & DeCicco happily and proudly submits these reports to clients upon request.
Because of our proven commitment to safety, Anselmi & DeCicco easily qualifies for Wrap Up Insurance Policies. Our Experience Modification Rate has never exceeded 1 and is currently at 0.739. Our TRCR (Total Recordable Case Rate per 200,000 man-hours) is currently 0.00 and has averaged under 2.00 for the past three years. Our excellent safety record has allowed Anselmi & DeCicco to work for the most demanding corporate clients including Continental Airlines and Phillips 66.