Anselmi & DeCicco – Synonymous with Infrastructure Construction

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Whenever you drive over a bridge, or ride on a train, or fly into an airport in New Jersey – you probably have benefited from Anselmi & DeCicco’s work. With over six decades of experience, multiple awards for quality and safety, our company is a leader of infrastructure construction in New Jersey.

Thomas  J. Anselmi

Anselmi & DeCicco – Synonymous with Infrastructure Construction

Ever since 1956, when we became involved in the largest public works program in American history, Anselmi & DeCicco has led the way in infrastructure construction. By the early 1980s, Anselmi & DeCicco had become an integral part of construction in all aspects of the American infrastructure system.

Crossing into the new millennium, Anselmi & DeCicco has expanded and diversified our scope of work to include airports, train stations, parks and many other specialized heavy construction areas.

Anselmi & DeCicco Today

Today, Anselmi & DeCicco is still a multi-generational, family-owned business, employing over 100 professionals. Our engineers and management bring with them a combined three centuries of experience. As industry leaders, we have the technology, equipment and expertise to address all aspects of infrastructure construction that serve as throughways of commerce, travel and human lives.

Our customers, like NJDOT, NYDOT, NT Transit, Port Authority of NY & NJ, Phillips 66, North Hudson Sewage Authority, Continental Airlines, and many other clients in the public and private sector – rely on Anselmi & DeCicco to satisfactorily complete every job, no matter how challenging or complex.