The True Measure of Success

Anselmi & DeCicco understands that success is not just measured in dollars and cents, or fame. It is a culmination of everything done in life. We are proud of what we have achieved, but recognize we could not have done it without the support of our families, friends, home towns, customers, this great Nation, and the blessings of God. We have always believed that when the industry and community you serve is strong, everyone benefits. That’s why we have devoted so much time and effort over the years to not only serving our industry, through leadership, innovation and training, but also by devoting time and resources to our community. Many of our employees volunteer time serving their communities as EMTs, Firemen, National Guard, or members of civic organizations and community associations. Anselmi & DeCicco is proud to support them and the community by regularly donating our time, services and, equipment when needed. Nothing gives greater joy than being able to give back to the industry, communities, churches, and people who helped make us who we are today. That is the true measurement of success!