Unusual Challenges : Unique Solutions

Challenges take many forms: projects that require innovative new ideas, implementation of novel or new technology, meeting seemingly impossible timelines, and more. Anselmi & DeCicco has an established reputation for demonstrating there is a solution to every challenge. The company was established by Gus and Tom Anselmi in 1958, and has evolved and diversified to include all aspects of construction … from highways, airports, train stations, to multiple areas of specialized heavy construction. Our portfolio of work includes projects for Phillips 66, NJ Transit, Port Authority of NY/NJ, NJDOT, and many other private and public organizations.
Anselmi & DeCicco is a multi-generational family owned, privately held organization employing over 100 professionals. We have committed managers and the highest quality engineers and related professionals, with over three centuries of combined experience. In addition, we have the technology, equipment and expertise to address all aspects of infrastructure construction that serve as throughways of commerce, travel, and human lives.


Our Reputation

In the competitive field of construction and infrastructure development, a company’s reputation is everything! Reputations are built by executing even the most challenging projects . . . and completing them well! For more than six decades Anselmi & DeCicco has addressed mission critical projects consistently, by bringing our unique strengths to the table – knowledge and expertise, complex scheduling experience, technology, talent, and excellent relations with labor and OSHA – to get the toughest projects done right. Our commitment to quality and award winning safety policies have built business relationships that have lasted for decades – and a reputation for excellence that lasts a lifetime. At Anselmi & DeCicco, we aggressively guard our reputation by protecting the integrity of our work and ultimately the safety of those who become the end users of our products. Anselmi & DeCicco does not cut corners – period!

Continuous Growth & Improvement

Anselmi & DeCicco continues its legacy by leading the way into the future with a commitment to excellence, to innovation, to education, to safety, and to customer relations. For three generations, Anselmi & DeCicco has been a leading infrastructure contractor. As we move ahead into the future, we continue to expand our vast experience, knowledge, and commitment to ensure we remain in the industry forefront. Everything we do, every tough job, every challenge is another growing experience. Even after six decades of industry leadership, we continue to find ways to enhance customer satisfaction, improve scheduling, increase workplace safety, and incorporate the latest technology into our everyday operations. Reputation and innovation – ensuring a strong future.

Commitment to Our Community

Anselmi & DeCicco understands that success is not just measured in dollars and cents, or fame. It is a culmination of everything done in life. We are proud of what we have achieved, but recognize we could not have done it without the support of our families, friends, home towns, customers, this great Nation, and the blessings of God. We have always believed that when the industry and community you serve is strong, everyone benefits. That’s why we have devoted so much time and effort over the years to not only serving our industry, through leadership, innovation and training, but also by devoting time and resources to our community. Many of our employees volunteer time serving their communities as EMTs, Firemen, National Guard, or members of civic organizations and community associations. Anselmi & DeCicco is proud to support them and the community by regularly donating our time, services and, equipment when needed. Nothing gives greater joy than being able to give back to the industry, communities, churches, and people who helped make us who we are today. That is the true measurement of success!