Welcoming in 2017!

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2017 looks to be a very exciting year for Anselmi & DeCicco. The vast variety of work we have on the books, reminds of that great movie staring John Candy – Planes, Trains, & Automobiles. We have have teams hard at work on projects for NJDOT, Port Authority at Newark Airport, and we will be starting two train station rehabilitation projects for NJ Transit. We are also excited to be starting our first project for the Army Corps of Engineers building a new pump station in Port Monmouth. We also have some new people joining our team and moving up in positions as some of our long time employees retired in 2016. We would like to thank all of our retired and former employees for their years of devoted work with us. It was with your help that we created this great company and you will always be part of our family.

With that said, I would like to take a look back at 2016 and congratulate & thank the entire Anselmi & DeCicco team for transforming what should have been a terrible year for us into a positive year. Coming off one of the best years in our history 2015, we went into 2016 with hardly any work on the books and very little prospects on the horizon. Through smart management, some timely opportunities and careful planning we were able to make the most out of 2016 even with the NJDOT shut down. Finally to add the icing on the cake, NJ passed the Transportation Fund Gas Tax and thankfully voted it into place.

No one knows what the future holds but, with the Transportation Fund back on track and new projects coming down the pipe, we are excited about the future of the entire construction industry and specifically our future in it!