Engineering is the backbone of our success in every type of construction.

Our Reputation

Reputation and innovation – ensuring a strong future

In the competitive field of construction and infrastructure development, a company’s reputation is everything! Reputations are built by executing and completing even the most challenging projects. For more than six decades Anselmi & DeCicco has addressed mission critical projects consistently, by bringing our unique strengths to the table –knowledge and expertise, complex scheduling experience, technology, talent, and excellent relations with labor and OSHA –to get the toughest projects done right.

Our commitment to quality and award-winning safety policies have built business relationships that have lasted for decades –and a reputation for excellence that lasts a lifetime. At Anselmi & DeCicco, we aggressively guard our reputation by protecting the integrity of our work and ultimately the safety of those who become the end users of our products. We do not cut corners –period!