Engineering is the backbone of our success in every type of construction.

Refineries & Power Facilities


Anselmi & DeCicco through the years has established a reputation for safety and efficiency when working inside an operating refinery with active fuel lines.

Refineries & Petroleum Companies have contracted with us specifically because we have developed innovative methods of addressing the difficult challenges of working in sensitive or limited access areas, in a safe and timely manner.

We have been contracted to rebuild and install new pipe supports, footings, structures, foundations, walkways, structural steel, and utility work, including relocations and new installations. We have also been contracted to perform specialty work, including pipe cleaning and cement mortar lining.

Power Facilities

Anselmi & DeCicco’s success in undertaking complex projects has allowed us to successfully complete projects in and around electrical power plants, substations, and power generating facilities. Working alongside live high voltage electric and mechanical equipment creates a unique set of logistical and safety requirements.

Long before any physical work starts on site, our engineering and safety team is hard at work developing a plan to complete the project safely and efficiently. Then, when the actual work begins, we will not find any surprises and we can get the project completed swiftly, safely, on time and on budget.