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Project Details

Pews Creek Hurricane and Storm Damage Reduction Project

Levee extension, pump station, generator building, and tide gate structure.

  • Constructed sheet pile cofferdam within Pews Creek. 
  • Installed (130) 18” diameter x 80 ft long pipe piles. 
  • Constructed reinforced concrete foundations ranging from 5 feet thick for the tide gate structure to 8 feet thick for the pump station. 
  • Constructed complex reinforced concrete pump station and tide gate structure. 

The levee extension was constructed utilizing a Value Engineering Design prepared by Anselmi & DeCicco, Inc.

  • The original design required installation of temporary sheeting and subsequent removal of the existing unsuitable soil to a depth of approximately 13 feet below ground surface. All existing soil was classified as regulated material and would therefore need to be taken to an off-site disposal facility. The original design required importing structural fill to the jobsite to construct the levee extension. 
  • Anselmi’s alternate design utilized in-situ soil stabilization (ISS) techniques to stabilize the existing soil to a depth of approximately 13 feet below ground surface. The alternate design eliminated the need to install temporary sheeting as well as excavate and dispose of approx. 12,000 CY of regulated material. The alternate design also reduced the quantity of structural fill imported to the jobsite. Anselmi’s alternate design resulted in a significant credit (over $1 million) to the owner.

Project Details

Project: Hurricane and Storm Damage Reduction Project 2017-2020

Client: US Army Corps of Engineers

Contract Award: $23,533,413.00